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Associate Research Director

in Manchester

What are we recruiting?

Well that would be an Associate Research Director 

What’s the salary?

Normally somewhere between £40,000 – £46,000

Where is it based?

The city that never droughts, Manchester


You have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt…I mean, you’ve seen some stuff!!!


But you need to of, because to manage quant and qual researchers and lead on projects requires a certain level of exposure in the world of consumer insights in order for you to be that person that not only you’re your team trust but clients respect.  And that, right there, is what makes you great!


Being the lead of quantitative, qualitative, community projects, you are there from the start to the end, and while leading other researchers you will be last and only line of defence, against the worst scum of the universe….no wait, that’s the MIB.  But you will be the last line of defence for all proposals, research and presentations completed by other researchers.  We did see you had seen some stuff.


Work will vary.  This is what keeps things interesting for you.  It also means that all that work you have previously done will be well utilised with the scope of work we complete here.

  • Online research (such as U&A studies, concept testing and customer satisfaction tracking).
  • Online community projects.
  • Research to help improve websites i.e. website research (including qualitative group discussions, accompanied surfing depth interviews and the use of online forums).


With great power comes great responsibility.  You will be responsible for accounts and budgets, you will have responsibility across the entire business and will have high levels of interaction with colleagues, and they span across 11 offices in 9 countries.  You will also support the Research Director and Senior Research Director with team management, resource availability and staff development. Be a leader who creates the next generation of leaders for the business!


You are now thinking, “WOW what an opportunity!”.  Do you know what though, it gets a little better, because if you do all that stuff then we are going to give you stuff in return.  Our people are our business so we treat them well. Making work an enjoyable, rewarding experience is something we take very seriously indeed. We offer loads of benefits like a bonus, a competitive pension, the ability to buy and sell holiday, tonnes of training, time off for charity work and more. Plus we’ll even pay you to work here.  I know, madness!

Think this job’s for you?

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